Performance appraisals are a great way to help your staff develop and identify their individual goals, whilst aligning these with the company. Appraisals provide an opportunity for you to feedback to the employee about their achievements, whilst identifying any development needs.

Staff appraisal systems can help you and the employee to set out and plan objectives for the next period, while identifying any training needs. The appraisal will give both the employer and the employee a chance to clarify roles and future prospects and discuss any opportunities to progress within the company. With the help of performance appraisal systems, you can align your business goals with the professional development of your staff.

When appraisal systems are integrated effectively into the company, they can increase efficiency and staff motivation. Here at GoldHR, we can design specific appraisal forms for your company and systems and guide you through the process to ensure appraisals are both carried out correctly and are beneficial to your company.

If you currently don’t have an appraisal system in place, or would like some independent feedback on the processes you currently use, why not give us a call.