ChristmasI was out shopping with my girls at the weekend and you can’t escape the fact Christmas is well and truly on the way.  Music is playing, decorations are up and the new tradition of Christmas is blatantly on sale in most shops – the novelty Christmas jumper.

Now I love Christmas jumpers (although I wouldn’t be caught wearing one) but there is such a great array out there, ranging from the tasteful through to the truly awful and sometimes even offensive ones.

In the UK we really seem to have run with the idea, in so much as there is even an official Christmas Jumper Day, so it’s now becoming a fairly common topic of conversation in workplaces all across the country. The premise is fairly simple (as I am sure you can tell)… On Friday 16th December, we’re all encouraged to wear our silliest knitwear.  It’s fun, it’s festive, and it’s also for a good cause.  By donating £2, you’ll be helping Save the Children to save young lives.

However should your workplace get involved?  

There are so many reasons to, which maybe you haven’t thought off.  It could be a great morale booster during a time when work is likely to be hectic, and it also gives you the opportunity to give something back.  Of course though, there are a couple of things that you need to consider to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

First of all, as much as we don’t want to be killjoys, you need to consider health and safety issues.  If your staff need to wear a uniform because it protects them from harm whilst they’re going about their day-to-day business, then it’s wise to give Christmas Jumper Day a miss.  The safety of your staff needs to be your number one priority.

If your uniforms or dress codes exist solely to portray a professional front to customers and clients though, then there’s absolutely no problem in changing your standards for the day.  Sometimes, there needs to be a degree of flexibility when it comes to your policies and procedures, and this is definitely an example of such a time.

It’s also worthwhile thinking about how you’ll manage the fundraising aspect of things.  It makes sense to put a willing volunteer in charge of proceedings, so you can ensure that the cash is collected and donated to the charity within the appropriate timeframe.

For further inspiration for making the day a resounding success, download a free fundraising pack from Save the Children’s website.

Some might say that Christmas Jumper Day isn’t a strategic HR issue as such, and that’s true.  But sometimes, being a good leader isn’t just about driving forward profits and sales.  It’s about creating positive and thriving workplaces.  So go on let your hair down a little, and get into the spirit of the season!

So if you want a hand finding the best Christmas jumper on the high street… No in all seriousness, if you have a question about anything people related, talk to one of our elves and see how we can help you make your business the best place to be this Christmas.