Don't have time for HROne thing we hear time and time again from business owners, is that they just don’t have enough hours in the day to take care of HR.  There are a million and one other things on their list to do, and it can be too easy to leave the ‘people stuff’ until another day.

But we run a business too, so really do get it.  We know you have to wear all of the hats and keep lots of plates spinning, and it’s pretty rare to have absolutely everything under control at any given moment.  But ‘I don’t have time’ just isn’t going to cut it when it comes to your people practices and here’s why…

Avoidable problems can take up way more time than you think

Let’s say, for example, you don’t keep accurate written records of disciplinary meetings you have with an employee. You hope the issue will resolve itself, and you won’t need to refer back to your notes in the future.  But then another problem crops up, and you suddenly find yourself in a sticky situation that could have easily been avoided.

Sound familiar?  We hear this all the time.  We don’t like to think of HR as merely firefighting, but the reality of the matter is that a little time invested now can prevent your business from costly and time consuming scenarios like the one above.

Time invested in streamlining your procedures can free up hours each week

Right now, you probably have a ton of time drainers in your business that are making HR far more complicated than it needs to be.  If you needed to find the phone number of a member of staff, for example, how long would that take you? What if that member of staff asked you how much annual leave they still have available this year?  Or if an employee asked you for a copy of a particular policy, would that involve scouring through a mountain of paperwork?

Taking a little time to make your processes more efficient and getting things in good order really could save you hours on a weekly basis, even if you don’t currently realise where you’re throwing minutes down the drain.  One simple way to help here is to use an online HR system.  It can help by centralising your HR records and keep everything in one place.

A recent survey by breatheHR found CEO’s spend up to a fifth of their working week on HR activities.  By using an HR software system to manage the process-oriented tasks, this could save UK small businesses 5 weeks a year.  Not an insignificant amount of time, so maybe worth considering?

Using the services of a professional could create a huge return on investment

Okay, so maybe you really are strapped for time, and it’s just not realistic for you to take care of everything when you’ve only got 24 hours in your day.  You might think that you can’t afford any extra help, but it might be the case that you can’t afford to NOT get some assistance.

Working with an HR consultant could help you to ensure your people practices are helping meet your strategic goals and moving your business in the right direction, that you’re keeping your business on the right side of the law, and that you can put the majority of your time into the activities that bring about the best ROI.

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