HR BoringI’ve been to a few networking events recently and noticed that when you start talking about what you do and mention you work in HR, the other persons eyes glaze over (well maybe it’s just me).  Now is isn’t new, I get that most business owners aren’t interested in HR, it’s just a necessary evil.  But let’s be honest here… HR has something of a reputation for being a little bit boring (I know that).  It’s a burden that we’ve carried for years, and it’s one that refuses to budge in a lot of circles (to be honest, I just can’t understand why??).

So it got me thinking, although I love it, is there any substance behind it?  Are we actually just a group of thundering bores who can bring nothing more to your business than bureaucracy and forms to fill in and pointless policies that never see the light of day?


But we’re willing to look at the arguments, for sure.  Here are three reasons why the naysayers might just be right…

We can keep you out of tribunals

Because the court room is really exciting, right?  It’s definitely where most business owners want to end up when they’re in the middle of balancing everyday concerns, and striving towards growth.  Though of course, it’s not.  It’s your WORST nightmare, and it can be costly and stressful.  Good HR practices make sure that you’re not accidently breaking the law.

We can save you a load of money

Is making money more tempting than saving money? It could be argued that it is. If you’re particularly daring, then you might decide to just focus on bringing more in, whilst ignoring the fact that your spending is spiraling out of control and you’re wasting cash all over the place. But good leaders know that it’s a mix of both… And that’s precisely why they use HR professionals to make sure that their staffing budget is invested in all the right places and you get the right people to help your business grow in all the rights ways.

We can make your workplace a peaceful and productive place

Some people thrive on drama and arguments and scandal.  They might say that without these things, life is pretty dull.  If that sounds like you, then HR might not be your cup of tea.  Most managers though just want everyone to be able to get along and form positive working relationships, so they can enjoy their time at work and make a contribution, and it not be like the play ground.

If you think these things are boring? Then YES, HR is guilty as charged.

But if you recognise that these things are in fact prerequisites for running a profitable and sustainable business?  Then we should talk.  WE love HR and can bring the right brand of ‘boring’ to your business, and steer you clear of the unnecessary headaches and dramas.

Give us a call today or click on the link below to book a no-obligation consultation call.  Go on take a risk, you never know we might just surprise you.