Once you have found that great new employee who fits your business, it is time to make them a formal offer. The offer is normally set out in a letter and covers all the main terms and conditions. This is followed by a contract of employment. We can provide contracts to meet the requirements of your company and offer advice on ways to address any key conditions you may wish to include.

Setting the expectations in the workplace is important and a company handbook is a good way of welcoming your new employee to the company, while introducing the rules by which you operate. Your employee handbook should contain all the processes that affect your staff, e.g. the arrangements for letting you know if they are absent from work, as well as the key HR policies and procedures e.g. discipline and a grievance policy, health and safety policy.

Terms and conditions of employment can also change for employees once they are employed within your company. The changes may be small but there are many considerations to be made when changing existing contracts of employment.

Induction and Probation Period

An induction programme, including training and team introductions, will help the employee feel part of the company and ensure all essentials are covered. As well as the initial meet and greet, there are necessities that must be included in the induction programme including an introduction to the key aspects of health and safety. You should also arrange regular meetings to review progress with the new employee which will provide the opportunity for any questions or queries to be raised.

The probation or trial period should be outlined in the employee’s offer letter and contract of employment. It is best practice to schedule regular performance meetings within this period to provide necessary support and keep track of any development needs.

If you need help creating a tailored contract of employment, handbook or induction plan, we’d love to talk to you, so why not give us a call.  We will take the time to ensure your HR documents reflect your company and encompass the latest employment legislation.