High performing staff are essential if your company is to deliver outstanding services to its customers, but finding the right staff doesn’t have to be a struggle.

If you have difficulties recruiting and retaining great people, implementing a pre-recruitment procedure into your business could be the answer. This helps your business prepare for the future by introducing workforce planning, and analysing the existing roles within the team. Skills gaps within each department can be identified, providing you with an idea of what skills the ideal candidate should possess.

Pre-recruitment includes identifying the company’s goals and the future aspirations of the company. Conducting a training needs analysis of the current workforce will help identify development needs, helping staff work more efficiently increasing productivity.

The more time you invest at the start of the recruitment process in analysing your staffing needs, the more likely it is that you will identify the specific skills needed for your business.

Here at GoldHR, we will discuss your short, medium and long term business objectives to help you on the road to recruiting the right people for your company and your future needs. For more information read about our Outsourced HR Service.

If you’re considering expanding your business and recruiting new staff then we’d love to talk to you, so why not give us a call.