Every employer who has recruited staff will know it can be a timely and costly procedure.  That’s why it is so important to get it right!

When you are looking for somebody to fill a role in your company, it is important to have reliable and effective procedures in place to ensure suitable candidates apply for the vacancy, which will lead to the right person being selected for the position.

Recruitment encompasses all areas from writing the job advert to receiving application forms or CVs. The art of attracting the right person to apply for the position can be tricky. A detailed job description, person specification and an application form can aid the process to run smoothly. Essential, of course is a carefully crafted advertisement which will ensure that you attract the right potential candidates.

Selection is equally important in the recruitment process. Thorough short listing will ensure the right applicants are invited to the next stage of the process (normally interview), by matching their qualifications and experience to the role you have advertised.  A procedure is vitally important and recommended at this stage to help you stay within the boundaries of employment legislation.

Depending on the role you are recruiting for, you may wish to implement initial telephone interviews, assessment centres or psychometric tests that will assess ability and suitability of the candidate for the role in question.  This will further aid the selection process.

To ensure you are getting good value for the money, effective processes are important.  With the right procedures you reduce the risks of recruiting the wrong person and enhance the opportunities for attracting the right candidate to aid your business growth.

At GoldHR, we can help with all aspects of recruitment and selection from drafting detailed job descriptions to giving you guidance on interview criteria. We can also join you on any interview panel, to give you a helping hand in the final part of the selection process.

If you’re considering expanding your business and recruiting new members of staff then we’d love to talk to you, so why not give us a call.