Unfortunately there may be a time in your business when redundancies are unavoidable. Redundancy is the term used when the role an employee undertakes is no longer required in the company.  This could be because of a new direction the company is taking or due to downsizing.

Where the company has a redundancy situation, a fair redundancy procedure, which may lead to dismissal, must be followed.  Additionally, all statutory requirements must be followed.  There is need for fairness and objectivity when selecting members of the workforce to make redundant. Selection criteria should be used to avoid claims of discrimination or unfair selection.  Once employees have been informed their position is at risk of redundancy, it is necessary to hold formal consultations with the employees (and their representatives) from the very first stages of the process.

Our aim at GoldHR is to help you minimise the need for redundancies by planning and evaluating your workforce requirements from the very start.  In cases where redundancies are unavoidable, we can help you to implement an agreed redundancy process, support you at each stage and ensure the best decisions are made for your business.