Sickness and absence from the workplace may be unavoidable in many cases, but regular monitoring of the levels of sickness and absence will ensure that you have an accurate picture of any potential problem areas and, as importantly, the cost of absences to your business.

Sickness absence can be a significant cost to businesses every year. These costs can increase if practices are not put into place to monitor staff absenteeism. Putting in place policies and procedures to manage sickness absence and return to work need not be difficult.  By training your line managers to manage sickness absence through recording, monitoring and measuring absences we will show you how you can help proactively manage absences in your workplace.

Measures can be put in place, such as return to work interviews, and regular meetings after long periods of absence, to ensure staff are adjusting to being back at work.  If an employee has been off work with a serious illness, it may be necessary to adjust their duties or review their current role, until they are well enough to fully undertake all their duties.  Regular reviews and meetings are recommended, as well as receiving regular FIT notes from their GP.

Short term absences should also be monitored, as regular one off absences can impact on the business significantly more than long term absence.  Recognising these irregular absences when they arise can help to identify a situation quickly and effectively.

Whether you have some elements of a policy in place or none at all, we can help you review your staff absence and sickness policy needs to ensure those unnecessary absences are avoided.  GoldHR will work with your company to create in depth procedures that will introduce protocols for staff members to adhere to.  We can also show you how to effectively measure and monitor staff absences, so any patterns of absence are identified.